JavaScript, Performance Intro


1. What is What makes it special?

A JavaScript framework which helps you create smooth, complex UIs for any screen. Stress on the smooth part. elements are styled with position:absolute and their positions are defined by matrix3d webkit transforms. This is what makes performant.

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Difference between Scrolls

  • window.scrollX: current window horizontal offset number
  • window.scrollY: current window vertical offset number, For cross-browser compatibility, use window.pageYOffset instead of window.scrollY
  • window.pageYOffset: an alias for the scrollY property, but older versions of Internet Explorer (< 9) do not support either property and must be worked around by checking other non-standard properties, see: fully compatible example
  • window.scroll(x, y): absolute scroll
  • window.scrollTo(x, y): absolute scroll, effectively the same as widow.scroll(x, y)
  • window.scrollBy(x, y): relative scroll
  • window.scrollMaxX: the maximum number of pixels that the document can be scrolled horizontally
  • window.scrollMaxY: the maximum number of pixels that the document can be scrolled vertically
  • element.scrollIntoView(alignWithTop): scrolls elements into view
  • HTMLElement.offsetTop: returns the distance of the current element relative to the top of the offsetParent node
  • jQuery’s offset(): returns an object that includes the top and left offset of the element, e.g. Object{top: 223, left: 312.5}
  • jQuery’s offsetParent(): Get the closest ancestor element that is positioned
  • jQuery’s scrollTop(): wraps things up, but it’s the same thing. Also, it could be called to scroll compared to an element. See code below

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Why Sometimes Git Ignore Doesn’t Work

Sometimes the files you’re trying to ignore had already been submitted into version control on previous occasions. To ignore those existing files, you’ll need to re-submit them as deleted files. After which they would be removed from the repository. It looks like .gitignore isn’t working, but it actually is.