The order of the events triggered will be in the order they’re added. So when the order of two events makes a difference, and they’re in separate files, pay extra attention to which one gets load first. Especially when the page loads extra slow.

Order of On Events


Compatible Audio Playing Across All Platforms

It seems like:

  1. With HTML5 audio tag, if the audio is less than 500ms, the volume in Safari might fluctuate with all formats
  2. With HTML5 audio tag, the delay with Safari is obvious with all formats
  3. With flash audio player, the delay with Safari is obvious with *.wav, but it’s fine with *.mp3
  4. IE9 doesn’t support native audio tag
  5. Firefox’s audio sounds terrible when html5 audio tag is used with mp3/ogg format, but is okay with wav.
  6. Firefox is fine with flash audio player

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