Learning by Doing: Guide to Self-teaching AngularJS

This Guide to Self-teaching AngularJS Trilogy is for a friend who wants to learn AngularJS from zero. The question was, “Which tutorial should I follow?”

None of them.

Reading tutorials and watching videos is passive, therefore rather ineffective and less fun. If you’re a strong self-learner, what you need is not tutorial, but a guide to doing research on your own. Here it is.

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Flex with Firefox

<div flex="50">
  <p>looooooooooooooong content</p>

When white-space: nowrap; is used, simply putting overflow: hidden; on <p> is not going to stop it from conquering the parent div and overflowing all over the place. Even if the div has a flex-basis: 50%; to protect itself. That div is going to need a overflow: hidden; too.

Nice job, Firefox 34.0.5.