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Cleaning Up Book Records Under Kindle Documents Folder

With the amount of documents that go in and out of my kindle, the documents folder is constantly left in a rumpled state–the book record *.sdr files scatter all over the place. I wonder why the kindle system can’t just delete the record file when the book is deleted?

Finally I decided that I’ve had enough of deleting and wrote a ruby script to deal with the mess.

Grab it here.

For anyone who doesn’t know much about ruby, you run the script by running ruby clean_up_kinde_documents_dir.rb in Terminal. If your Kindle Documents folder is not "/Volumes/Kindle/documents", use it like this:

$ ruby clean_up_kinde_documents_dir.rb /whatever/full/path/to/documents

If you have no idea what this full path is, you can always drag this documents folder into terminal, on OSX.