Learning by Doing: Further into Self-teaching AngularJS

This is the second part of the Guide to Self-teaching AngularJS Trilogy. If you haven’t gone through the first one, do it now, here. If you already have a demo page that you can show someone (your potential employer), read on. 5 steps as well, but harder on research. Take it one at a time.

  1. Research and explain the similarities and differences between Constant, Value, Factory, Provider and Service. Use Value and Factory in your demo.
  2. Research and explain the idea of Dependency Injection (DI), the purpose they serve, and explain where you’ve already used it in your demo. If you’ve used RequireJS in the past, explain their similarities and differences.
  3. Explain the idea of Directive, list the ones you’ve already encountered, write one with a template *.html file, and use it in your demo. Keywords: custom Directive.
  4. Explain the idea of Scope and the connection between different Scopes. Keywords: Scope, RootScope, Isolated Scope.
  5. Research and explain the ways to do animation in AngularJS and how they work differently. Add animations to your demo. Keywords: ng-if, ng-show, ng-repeat.

“I’ve got them all done. So what now?”