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AWS CLI Login & Logout

AWS is a bit too rich in features.

Log out of AWS CLI:

Somehow I didn’t find a normal way, but removing the credential file sure worked:

$ rm ~/.aws/config
$ rm ~/.aws/credentials

Log in to AWS CLI:

$ aws configure

Then fill in the prompts for the following 4:

AWS Access Key ID [****]: 
AWS Secret Access Key [****]:
Default region name [us-west-1]: depending on where your repos are
Default output format [None]: can leave as default empty

Access key can be acquired here:

Create Access Key

And when the time comes to docker push, to refresh the users, don’t forget the aws erc login, which looks like:

$(aws ecr get-login --no-include-email --region us-east-1)

One thought on “AWS CLI Login & Logout

  1. Well if you have mfa confiigured, just enter a wrong mfa token while logging in and that will mean you will no longer remain logged in [which means you are logged out :-)]

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