How to Mute Warnings of "Conflicting order between"

We use CSS modules, so it doesn’t make sense to care about importing order, but the mini-css-extract-plugin doesn’t provide an option to turn off the conflicting warning:

chunk styles [mini-css-extract-plugin]
Conflicting order between:
 * css ...
 * css ...

Here’s how to mute them.

First, install webpack-filter-warnings-plugin:

npm i webpack-filter-warnings-plugin --save-dev

Then in your Webpack config, add this plugin (the below example is for NextJS, but normal Webpack config works the same way):

const FilterWarningsPlugin = require('webpack-filter-warnings-plugin')

    new FilterWarningsPlugin({
        exclude: /mini-css-extract-plugin[^]*Conflicting order between:/,

One thought on “How to Mute Warnings of "Conflicting order between"

  1. Chad says:

    Thank you! I had started to ignore the warnings, but it’s grown to a point where it takes up my whole terminal.

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