jQuery Plugin: jquery-transformer

Since I constantly need to use jQuery together with TweenMax and since TweenMax already took care of all the parsing of various types of transformation strings as well as compatibility issues, I wrote a tiny jquery plugin here (more of a wrap up of gsap’s) that could directly access these values like this:

$('#ele').transform('rotationX') // returns 0
$('#ele').transform('x')         // returns value of translate-x

The list of properties you could get/set, along with their initial properties:

perspective: 0
rotation: 0
rotationX: 0
rotationY: 0
scaleX: 1
scaleY: 1
scaleZ: 1
skewX: 0
skewY: 0
x: 0
y: 0
z: 0
zOrigin: 0