Notes: How To Get Up Early

  • If there’s something it is not about, it’s resolution and willpower.
  • If there’s something it is about, it’s tweaking the environment until finding the one that works.
  • The environment shapes people within much more than people realise.
  • There’s no one-size-fit-all cookie-cutter solution. It’s different for everyone and it takes imagination, creativity and willingness to try and fail dozens of times.

Things that work for me:

  • Going to sleep early. If I constantly put myself in a situation where I can’t go to sleep before 12, nothing will work.
  • Turning the bedside lamp on when the alarm rings. Or ask someone else to turn the light on if they wake up much earlier. Or set an automatic lightness adjuster. 
  • Make the room warm enough so it’s easy to get up in winters.
  • Put my running shoes/clothes on my bedside table so putting them on is something of an autopilot, instead of a result of complex contemplation.