Organise Your Brain

A great tool I’ve recently started using intensely: WorkFlowy. I rarely recommend tools or products, certainly not todo list apps which flooded the globe, but in their case I do think these guys made a great product and therefore deserve more attention.

So, what’s so cool about it?

  • Since I’ve started using it, I feel relaxed rather than anxious when I spend time on them. Great improvement–I haven’t been using todo apps since probably graduation, because I either got impatient with the complicated functionalities or things just gradually pile up upon one another and seem unbearable in the end, and had decided that they’re not worth the mental burden. However while collaborating on a project with a colleague, I ran into WorkFlowy. It changed my mind.
  • I love simple and elegant designs. WorkFlowy is certainly one of them. Rules and actions clean and clear at a glance. Complete, delete, drag around at your free will.
  • As I’ve mentioned, you could share and collaborate with others on the list of your choice, @ people and tag topics. Handy.
  • I constantly get swept away by swirls of thoughts on random things. However, human beings could only have certain amount of data in their conscious mind, while their subconscious take most of the work behind the scene. This is the reason why writing things down, talking to others or even talking to oneself helps us sort the problem–our conscious mind could focus in on a specific part of the problem while keeping the general picture somewhere it could access. While any specific topic of information only a click away, suddenly the mind-map of your whole brain is clear at a glance. The feeling of clarification is addictive.
  • The best thing about it is that you can ZOOM IN, which single mind-map fails to accomplish. Simply click on the handle of your list item, then BOOM, you’re travelling along and focusing in on that specific branch of your brainwave. And after you’ve done sorting your thoughts there, you could zoom out and see the grand picture from a bigger perspective. That kind of feeling of abstraction is addictive too.

They offer a free version for 250 items a month, but if you’re using it like how it’s designed to be used, it should be far from enough. I plan to get a membership once I bump into the ceiling–you could get a 500 items per month account by following my referral, while I could get another 250: link.

Try it out. Thank me later.