Scheme on Sublime Text 3

Like the Lispbox package IDE with Common Lisp, to jump right in with Scheme without having to spend hours setting things up, it’s either DrRacket or SublimeText. And since DrRacket’s editing interface is a tad unfriendly, let’s fortify Sublime Text with Scheme REPL.

Step 0: Confirm that Scheme REPL works in your terminal by running “scheme”.

Step 1: Install Sublime REPL plugin.

Step 2: Install Scheme plugin, manually. Rename the downloaded folder “sublime-scheme-syntax” and put it under Sublime’s Package folder. As of now, Sublime 3’s package control doesn’t create a separate folder for the plugin, whose files Sublime REPL is depending on.

Step 3: Run REPL first, either by going “Menu->Tools->SublimeREPL”, or go command directly with “Command+Shift+P->SublimeREPL: Scheme”.

Done: after having your REPL tab open, hotkeys away!

  • Evaluate in REPL:
    • ctrl+,, s Selection
    • ctrl+,, f File
    • ctrl+,, l Lines
    • ctrl+,, b Block
  • Transfer in REPL (just copy, without evaluating it):
    • ctrl+shift+,, s Selection
    • ctrl+shift+,, f File
    • ctrl+shift+,, l Lines
    • ctrl+shift+,, b Block

Note: ctrl+,, f means: press Ctrl and Comma, release all, press F.

PS, add a nice indent plugin.