“The Game”

If you could realise just everything, what would you want?

  1. Fame? Hell no. Look at all the celebrities.
  2. Power? I’d consider that a bit, the things I could do if I have power over the globe! But on second reflection, I couldn’t be sure that I’d be right a hundred percent. I don’t trust myself to that degree. Better let people naturally struggle and argue with each other—the process is painful, but statistically stable in the long run.
  3. Money? It’d be nice to have the things I want and invest in things I believe in without thinking about cost. But that is the goal, not money itself. Money only amplifies anything that’s already there. Which is…?
  4. Experience? What kind of experience, all kinds? Not drugs. Not alcohol. What then? Those that could make me feel like I’m heading somewhere. Or just the ones that can get me excited. Things that take mental effort/psychic energy to do, yet intoxicating.

So all in all everything I want could be sorted into either of the two:

  1. Myself: have challenges that are just the right amount of difficulty, both with technical skills and psychological/emotional growth.
  2. Beyond: to contribute to things I believe in.

In short:

Enjoy, on my term.


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